Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Shit Happens, When it Rains!!!

Apparently, the rain season has started in Guadalajara! So much so, that trees are already falling from the skies.

Today at 5pm, I was happily at my office (thinking of ways of torturing my students) and enjoying one if the first downpours of the year...

when the phone at the office rang. [riiing]
me: hello?
Security: err, sorry to bother you sir, but what make of car are you driving?
me: oh, I'm driving a white [thisorthat]
security: hmm, you see, the thing is [suspense], I've got a report here saying a tree fall on a car. What are your plate numbers?
me: [damn, bad omen] I really don't know.
security: hmm, We believe it's yours, could you come and check?...

Of course it was my car! And I saw that a damn tree had just jumped on top of it!!! This was the first thing I saw.

I was not sure whether to cry or laugh, so I laughed! (hey at least is less embarrassing than crying). Then I took a picture, called the insurance company and uploaded the pic to Facebook ;)

After that, it was all just waiting and waiting... and waiting.

Of course all passersby stopped to say: "wow, bad luck who's the owner, poor basterd"

MEEEE! I was the unfortunate owner.

Good thing was: nobody got hurt, the car was insured and it will be ready soon [fingers crossed], and when all is said and done... At least I'll have a story to tell for the following weeks :-)

Thanks to all who help me at the TEC, it was not a nice moment but everybody tried to make it easier on me.

With this I declare the rain season in GDL, OFFICIALLY OPEN!

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Friday, 31 December 2010

A New Year is Around the Corner

A new year is about to start, there are only a few hours left and it is impossible not to ponder about all what happened in 2010.

Personally, 2010 was a great year for me and my family. I finished my PhD, got a job and came back to Mexico to family and old friends. Not everything has been easy though, leaving the place we called home for the last 4 years did not come without it's tears. We miss friends that became our family, a chosen family which makes them all the more special. But at least there's always the chance we'll meet again.

At the same time, 2010 has been a year of unrest to Mexico. Violence has taken hold of many cities in the country. Guadalajara is still relatively a safe heaven, but it might be a matter of time.

My heart goes to all the brave people fighting the drug cartels and to those that have been victims of this war as unfortunate bystanders. I know people is tired of all this violence and some even wish for a new government more willing to negotiate a truce. But I believe it was necessary, ignoring the problems doesn't make them go away. I wish for 2011 that we Mexicans will be strong enough to do our part and fight crime, violence and corruption from within our own families. Make no mistake we are not in this situation by accident. Hopefully next year the sky will clear in this matter.

To all who might read this, I wish you health, strength, conviction to get your goals and prosperity for the incoming 2011! Let's make of our living something special and noteworthy.

Desde Mexico, un abrazo y ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!. Que Dios los bendiga en este 2011.

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Sunday, 4 July 2010

World Cup South Africa 2010

Since there are already too many blogs providing news, forecasts and comments regarding this football party, this post is only an excuse to write again on my blog and to talk about my experience at enjoying this special event.

I have to say that this has been one of my favorite World Cups since Mexico'86 (for obvious reasons). Sadly, the reason for this hasn't been the football. Few national teams have been really up to par Brazil, Portugal, England, France and the former champion Italy are all gone! Mexico only showed it's heart against a decimated France and we were never happy with the formations decided by the Coach. But I digress.

The reasons why I've been enjoying this worldcup so much is because: first, I'm back in Mexico (the passion just feels different) and my job has allowed me to enjoy almost every match in giant screen and with other football-loving colleagues),

Second, cause thanks to all the communications technology I've been able to be both in touch with friends back in England and informed about all things football surrounding the worldcup. Honestly guys! being able to express my frustration about our teams' performances online and Live during the matches has been so enjoyable.

Third because matches in SA had been at a convenient time in Mexico and fourth, because despite the rubbish football played by our National Team and the "@$&&@" Coach we had, people has been distracted from other national problems and are together if only to make fun of a team that showed less conviction and energy than the Mexican supporters who travelled to SA.

(screenshot from TV transmission)

Now to wait another four years to see if a Mexican team could be among the great (not the eliminated ones), and sit back and enjoy what's about to come! Good matches ahead! (I hope).

I just installed this app on my iPhone cause I wasn't paying attention to the blog from the lap-top. At least now I'll be able to write whenever I can and wherever I might be.

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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Primera y Ultima Vez

Esa es la primera vez (y espero sea la ultima, aunque quien sabe) que escribo sobre politica en este blog. Sin embargo, durante la semana sucedieron algunos eventos que me pusieron algo de malas.

Resulta que en el Tec hubo un congreso de derecho y se invito a varios personajes de la vida politica en el pais. Quien cerro “con broche de oro” fue nada mas y nada menos que el H. Senador Manlio Fabio Beltrones (H de honorable o de Hijo de … dependiendo de con quien este hablando). Y algo que reitero y dejo bien claro fue que lo que el busca es trabajar por el bien del pais (err…).

Saben que a discusion en el Senado entraron solo una minuscula parte de las iniciativas propuestas y las que se discutieron fueron frenadas, modificadas, despedazadas (you name it), hasta ahi todo esta bien. El Congreso debe buscar lo mejor para el pais y no necesariamente lo que propone el Ejecutivo (o alguien mas) es lo mejor.

Pues lo que me puso de malas es que este H. Señor del que hablo arriba, luego de decir que se debia de trabajar y cabildear y buscar las reformas que permitieran la gobernabilidad sale y a los pocos dias evita que el Congreso vaya a sesion extraordinaria!! Estos pelados viven de nosotros (y se burlan en nuestra cara por ser tan huev…s) y claro esta que prefiere (Manlio Fabio) irse de vacaciones que quedarse a discutir. Claro! pues sabe muy bien que va a rechazar, frenar, tropezar CUALQUIER iniciativa (venga de quien venga), cual es el punto de una sesion extraordinaria si la decision ya esta tomada, NO a cualquier cambio!. Esto de tener elecciones a cada rato es un problema, nadie quiere tomar decisiones importantes no vayan a molestar a los que les pagan sus tan jugosos sobornos, como si su sueldo no fuera ya lo suficientemente grande.

Yo se que esta discusion es algo simplista, pero quiero recalcar que la hago desde un punto de vista apartidista. Luego de estar fuera del pais por varios años y regresar a ver lo que sucede en el es en verdad indignante. Y lo peor es que hay gente que aplaude el que le esten pisando la cola, total mientras el Congreso haga que el presidente parezca el idiota que tal vez es es suficiente…

Nomas ponganse buzos…

P.D. se me olvido comentar que el H.S.MFB mencionaba el presidencialismo de EU como ejemplo cuando le convenia (como si fueramos unos tarados) y se referia a “el gobierno en turno” como algo despectivo. Señores, no nos hagamos, el Congreso ES el gobierno en turno en una democracia como la de Mexico…


Monday, 22 March 2010

Update: Extra! Extra!

I’ve been too busy for the last two weeks. As you can imagine, these were full of emotions: leaving Manchester and coming back to Mexico; the wedding of my youngest sister; going back to work (waking up early again, yikes!); meeting lots of friends and acquaintances; and buying stuff for the new house (oh I forgot to mention finding a house). In sum it’s been real crazy…

Before coming back I met with my closest friends from the Photo Group. I met them all through Flickr and honestly it was great to share with them so many experiences. I’m sure we will be able to keep in touch regardless of the ocean between us (promise to get on Twitter this year).  Thanks guys! it was great to meet you all. Here a photo of the night taken by Paul:

Goodbye Valdo!

Immediately after arriving was party time and I had to get a smoking/tux for my sister’s wedding, no need to say that we had a blast. I’m still waiting for the Tog to upload his pictures of the night, I will post a pic of me looking like a penguin then. In the meantime, V was having a great time being a princess:


I will leave my first week at work and house finding efforts for another post so…                      stay tuned ;¬)




Monday, 8 March 2010

I’m feeling fine

The first thing I get asked lately is how I’m feeling about going back to Mexico, honestly?

… Fine. I’m  fine, fine…

Fine, but as in an “Italian Job” kinda fine which you know means: Fu’ed up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional.

Yeah, I’m certainly feeling Insecure and Emotional right now.

Good Bye Manchester and Friends!!!! The world is smaller than I thought when I first came here so I’m sure we’ll clash again somewhere…


                                                    The Valdo


Thursday, 4 March 2010

New Doctor


Yes, on 1st March 2010 I received my PhD Certificate.

This was a very happy day indeed! this is for my family that supported me all these years. Now I can sign as Dr. Valdo ^_^

I have to say though, that the certificate is quite disappointing in itself. We all had a laugh about how one could get a better looking one in the err black market ;¬) well all the efforts end in this, a plain looking piece of paper. Now a different life begins!!