Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Shit Happens, When it Rains!!!

Apparently, the rain season has started in Guadalajara! So much so, that trees are already falling from the skies.

Today at 5pm, I was happily at my office (thinking of ways of torturing my students) and enjoying one if the first downpours of the year...

when the phone at the office rang. [riiing]
me: hello?
Security: err, sorry to bother you sir, but what make of car are you driving?
me: oh, I'm driving a white [thisorthat]
security: hmm, you see, the thing is [suspense], I've got a report here saying a tree fall on a car. What are your plate numbers?
me: [damn, bad omen] I really don't know.
security: hmm, We believe it's yours, could you come and check?...

Of course it was my car! And I saw that a damn tree had just jumped on top of it!!! This was the first thing I saw.

I was not sure whether to cry or laugh, so I laughed! (hey at least is less embarrassing than crying). Then I took a picture, called the insurance company and uploaded the pic to Facebook ;)

After that, it was all just waiting and waiting... and waiting.

Of course all passersby stopped to say: "wow, bad luck who's the owner, poor basterd"

MEEEE! I was the unfortunate owner.

Good thing was: nobody got hurt, the car was insured and it will be ready soon [fingers crossed], and when all is said and done... At least I'll have a story to tell for the following weeks :-)

Thanks to all who help me at the TEC, it was not a nice moment but everybody tried to make it easier on me.

With this I declare the rain season in GDL, OFFICIALLY OPEN!

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