Sunday, 4 July 2010

World Cup South Africa 2010

Since there are already too many blogs providing news, forecasts and comments regarding this football party, this post is only an excuse to write again on my blog and to talk about my experience at enjoying this special event.

I have to say that this has been one of my favorite World Cups since Mexico'86 (for obvious reasons). Sadly, the reason for this hasn't been the football. Few national teams have been really up to par Brazil, Portugal, England, France and the former champion Italy are all gone! Mexico only showed it's heart against a decimated France and we were never happy with the formations decided by the Coach. But I digress.

The reasons why I've been enjoying this worldcup so much is because: first, I'm back in Mexico (the passion just feels different) and my job has allowed me to enjoy almost every match in giant screen and with other football-loving colleagues),

Second, cause thanks to all the communications technology I've been able to be both in touch with friends back in England and informed about all things football surrounding the worldcup. Honestly guys! being able to express my frustration about our teams' performances online and Live during the matches has been so enjoyable.

Third because matches in SA had been at a convenient time in Mexico and fourth, because despite the rubbish football played by our National Team and the "@$&&@" Coach we had, people has been distracted from other national problems and are together if only to make fun of a team that showed less conviction and energy than the Mexican supporters who travelled to SA.

(screenshot from TV transmission)

Now to wait another four years to see if a Mexican team could be among the great (not the eliminated ones), and sit back and enjoy what's about to come! Good matches ahead! (I hope).

I just installed this app on my iPhone cause I wasn't paying attention to the blog from the lap-top. At least now I'll be able to write whenever I can and wherever I might be.

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  1. I think we have much common ground here my friend! Of course, it WILL be different in 4 years time won't it?

  2. We can only hope it will... :)