Sunday, 27 September 2009

What am I doing?

No, I’m not in Venice enjoying life ;¬) I’m at home working hard to finish the thesis on time (this is just a short -–and very needed-- break).

I’d also like to congratulate my friend Francisco (aka El Paco) who just submitted last Friday. He better start writing again in his blog. I hope to be in that situation in the following months. I have to say that even though I’m happy he submitted, I feel the pressure even more on my shoulders. We started the PhD at the same time and this really feels like things are coming to an end.

I’m not particularly afraid of change but still…


… things will never be the same.

(writing this post was an excuse to tryout the “windows live writer”, so far so good.


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

3,200kms of Travel Pleasure and Photography

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Late in July I had a break from the PhD to indulge in travelling and photography :D My In-laws visited us for six weeks, and after having travelled to Rome and Paris by themselves it was only just for us to join them for eight days.

First we travelled to Paris to catch-up with my In-laws and to take Valentina to EuroDisney. I have to say it was a great time to take her there, she really enjoyed it and fell for the "magic" of the place. I posted some images here already.

After that we rented a car and visited...
Belgium - Bruges
Germany - Cologne, Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg
Italy - Venice, Florence, Pisa
Switzerland - Geneva

... for an approx. total of 3,200kms. I have to say that all that driving was kind of a present for me, driving is something I miss a lot since I arrived in the UK.

Obviously I carried some photo gear with me and took plenty of photos. I will post some pics of the gear because some friends have asked me about buying a DSLR, and I want to show here how much stuff I carry with me when I travel.

Above you may see some of my holiday pictures. I am planning to feature some of the images in separate posts -- to explain how they were taken -- but in the meantime you can browse this set since I still have plenty more to add.

Thanks for following...

PS: Thanks to Roy Tanck for the Flickr-widget.



Monday, 14 September 2009

Someone is always watching...

I just couldn't let this one pass by. First, because I've always been a fan of Star Wars (lease Estar G√ľars) and second because I'm always weary of what might be appropriate or not to post online. Enjoy the beauty of online society but always think that something might come back and bite your...

Brought to my attention by Gizmodo from The Daily What, apparently it was a T-Shirt from TeeFury.

Now back to work.



Sunday, 6 September 2009

busy, Busy, BUSY! ...

Sorry I haven't been around lately, my thesis is still kicking my ass ;¬)

My In-Laws paid us a six-week visit last July-August, so the least I could do was to take an 8-day holiday with them. We, as you can see from the image above, went to EuroDisney! it was a great experience specially because Valentina is at a perfect age to enjoy the park. She fall in love with Mickey Mouse [sighs] now in her life there is the Mum, Mickey and then me... I just can't win there =)

Apart from the quick visit to Paris, we drove through five countries visiting eight cities in the same number of days. So in the near future I will try to post more pictures and info from the trip, a new post on holiday pics (a bit too late maybe), and another one on macro photography now that the weather is turning and we will have to stay indoors!! Stay tuned.

In case you are wondering, I made the image above using Lightroom 2 --which is a nice tool to quickly fix your pictures-- and a video tutorial from Matt Kloskowski, watch it here.