Monday, 22 March 2010

Update: Extra! Extra!

I’ve been too busy for the last two weeks. As you can imagine, these were full of emotions: leaving Manchester and coming back to Mexico; the wedding of my youngest sister; going back to work (waking up early again, yikes!); meeting lots of friends and acquaintances; and buying stuff for the new house (oh I forgot to mention finding a house). In sum it’s been real crazy…

Before coming back I met with my closest friends from the Photo Group. I met them all through Flickr and honestly it was great to share with them so many experiences. I’m sure we will be able to keep in touch regardless of the ocean between us (promise to get on Twitter this year).  Thanks guys! it was great to meet you all. Here a photo of the night taken by Paul:

Goodbye Valdo!

Immediately after arriving was party time and I had to get a smoking/tux for my sister’s wedding, no need to say that we had a blast. I’m still waiting for the Tog to upload his pictures of the night, I will post a pic of me looking like a penguin then. In the meantime, V was having a great time being a princess:


I will leave my first week at work and house finding efforts for another post so…                      stay tuned ;¬)




  1. Hello there. I've only just found your blog and glad I have. I'm going to start reading it this morning with a cup of coffee. Glad you settled back home quickly! keep in touch.

  2. Thanks Paul! many ways of being in touch :D

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