Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Been Busy Lately

I haven’t been writing in this blog for a while now. It is not that I don’t want to. No, scratch that: I really didn’t want to write anything else after finishing the thesis!!

However, now I am feeling in a much better mood and I want to tell you how it all went…

I submitted the thesis back in November, after that we spent some nice holidays in Paris. It was a well deserved holiday for all the family and a great opportunity to take some pictures in that beautiful city.

While in Paris I got an email saying that my Viva (the Thesis defence) was going to be on 28th Jan! Obviously January was a blur full of excitement and finally the Viva date arrived.

The week previous to the Viva was the worst ever, I was really scared but the examiners were actually very nice on the day and after two hours I ran away with only minor scratches. After a week or so I submitted the minor corrections, these were approved, I printed the final copies, submitted them in beautiful black covers and Bob’s your uncle! wait for the certificate to be made…

… and yesterday…


… To be continued.

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